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Laura, 24.
Feminist, body positive, liberal minded, nerdy reader who spends too much time online.

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  • Do not forget Michael Brown
  • Do not forget how the media dehumanized him and tried to justify his murder
  • Do not forget how peaceful protests were painted as savage riots
  • Do not forget police armed with military grade weapons terrorized and arrested black civilians
  • Do not forget Darren Wilson being awarded over $400,000 in fundraiser donations for murdering an unarmed black child
  • Do not forget that this system was not built to defend us, but to control us
  • Do not forget Ferguson 

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Envy on the Coast - Artist & Repertoire - Live in Philadelphia 8/27/10 (by spotcoffee)

after four years, these anniversaries are feeling much more like celebration than mourning, and i’m really glad for that. gonna listen to a bunch of envy stuff and be thankful for the good times.


but first, let me take a selkie (steals a mythical half-seal creature from scotland)

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FMA Week: Day Five
The Past
 Van Hohenhime

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Still a little out of it but really proud that my mom and I made this skirt today. It needs ironed at the pleats again and probably starched but still omg I helped make this. Once I get a sewing machine and an iron of my own I’m totally gonna make a skirt like this (without the bottom ruffle) in a cute patterned fabric!

Step one of my first cosplay done!

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I hope you fall in love
With someone who always texts back and never lets
You fall asleep thinking you’re
I hope you fall in love with someone
Who holds your hand during the scary parts of
Horror movies and burns
Cookies with you when you’re
Too busy dancing around the
I hope you fall in love with
Someone who sees galaxies in your eyes
And hears music in your
I hope you fall in love with someone who
Tickles you and makes you smile
On hard days and on easy
But beyond all that I hope
You fall in love with someone
Who will never leave you behind
And who will never take you
For granted, someone who
Will stand by you when you’re
Right and stand by you
When you’re wrong,
Someone who has seen you at your worst
And has loved you
I hope you fall in love
With someone who
Kisses you in the rain
And hugs you in the cold and
Wouldn’t have you any other
Way. minuty (via perfect)

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how many times have i seen the prettiest girls w the ugliest guys and I’m staring at him wondering if it’s the way the light is hitting his face or smth and she’s looking at me like stay away from my man…listen im just trying to solve a puzzle you beautiful idiot

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ah i see youve noticed me walking in my pants made of windbreaker material

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#whY did you drOP out of YALE

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