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not getting out of bed


Laura, 24.
Feminist, body positive, liberal minded, nerdy reader who spends too much time online.

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i will remember that summer

as the summer i was taking steroids

cause you like a man with muscles

and i like you

Well I did it. Look it’s me 6 times.

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Here’s another 6 because why the hell not

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Being as I’m on my phone idk that I can find pictures for that selfies meme and no one tagged me in it but I’m still tempted

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that me


that me


Here’s me through the past 4 months

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here’s my six photos!!!!
thank you for tagging me insouciancer (and icebergss14 since you sent me that lovely message!!) ya cuties!!! 
I don’t want to force anyone into posting selfies so I’m tagging anyone who wants to do it!! just make sure to tag me in your selfies so I can marvel at your beauty :)

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I’m just going reblog babes with on-point eyeliner now brb

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Whenever a boy speaks to you just respond with “how fucking dare you”

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